Life: A Guided Tour Or A Journey Without A Map?

Bottom line: Everything demands direction.

Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

Life is scary. It’s twisted, sad, happy, confusing — a little bit of everything wrapped in this beautiful bundle of gift wrappers.

But look at nature — everything is perfectly timed and perfectly directed — the path traced by the stars in the sky, perfect orbits around the sun where planets move according to their different routes set up perfectly, the perfection of the life cycle of a tree — all of them follow a particular pattern religiously. None of them ever show a random occurrence.

But whenever they do, there is a breath-taking eclipse that lights up the whole sky.

Maybe that's why their beauty never ceases. Even when they do not follow the rules, it's only to show the world what they are missing.

Like the perfection of nature, I like my life to be like a perfect guided tour. I like to know what to expect and when to expect. I imagine my life to be a checkered list — where I write down things that I have to do and when to do. Then I check the ones that I have accomplished.

All my life, I have seen my parents follow a particular routine — where my mother runs the household with her set of rules, and my father makes us happy and satisfied with a limited budget. Everything has followed the same ordered routine without any changes whatsoever.

Maybe it's that habitual lifestyle that was drilled inside me from the start that has made it impossible for me to live with uncertainties.

I hate being uncertain.

Even on the days when I have literally nothing to do, deep down I know, it is so because I had made up such a schedule for myself months ago. I like everything being perfect—even life.

But that’s the about life, isn't it?

No matter how hard you try to control it, many things eventually control you. Irrespective of how you think you almost have it all, in the end, you realize that you have nothing.

Some events and moments are out of your control that leaves devastating effects, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Take death, for example. Or failure. How many times do we see it coming?


This fear leaves me messed up each time. I was not trained to expect the unexpected. I never moulded myself that way, either.

During moments like these, life feels as though it has lost its purpose.

But again, you can’t be God, can you?

It’s only during such vulnerable moments I realize that living a life like a journey without a map alone makes life somewhat shareable.

It’s only during such moments I realize that life cannot be lived as a guided tour nor as a journey without a map.

Life had a little bit of both.

Life comes with destinations.

Not directions.

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