Officially Entering Adulthood Is Shitty

I am in my 20s but I am more confused now than ever.

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Post-college is difficult.

Sometimes I wish there was a manual to guide me on what to do next. What to expect next. ⁣⁣Be it for better or worse — there isn’t any manual guiding how to ‘adult’ right. ⁣⁣

Following your dream is one thing, and following your passion is another. Finding a balance between the two — is what I aimed for after college. I always dreamt of becoming a scientist. Dream like this requires unwavering dedication and constant efforts. And I was always passionate about writing. But passion like this needs relentless practice and lots of attention.⁣⁣
After completing my Masters, I decided to give my passion a little focus and at the same time didn’t let go of my instincts as a biological scientist. For the past six months, I have been working from home, doing research, reviewing scientific papers, learning, and then writing scientific articles in layman words for normal people to understand. It may sound pretty simple, but trust me, it isn’t. ⁣

⁣I have worked as a copywriter, ghostwriter, content developer, editor, beta-reader — all of which is far from being a scientist. These skills may not even matter in the long run, while I pursue my career as a scientist. But I believe success is not about the destination alone. It’s about the journey — the risks I take, the people I meet, the things I learn and most importantly, the person I become. ⁣⁣
Perhaps, success is about becoming everything my six-year-old self ever wanted to be.⁣

Scientist | History Nerd | Writer | Learner | Reader | | | Running my own race since ‘95.

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